Las Vegas has a reputation. It is a place where people can party hard and enjoy themselves without a worry in the world. While Las Vegas seems like a giant tourist attraction meant for those who were bored with their current life, there is a beautiful side to Las Vegas.

Not all of Vegas is dirty and crazy, and not everyone there is celebrating their 21st birthday or having one last night of singledom before getting married. Some people go to actually enjoy the city and everything it has to offer, and let us tell you, it has a lot to offer.

Whether you live in Las Vegas or are on a vacation with your significant other, there are ways to plan an extremely fancy date in the wild city without the feeling of having date night in Vegas. Planning the ultimate date seems impossible in Vegas, but we are here to prove the opposite! If you are planning a date in Vegas and want something to do that is fancy and classier than the typical Vegas, read on. We can help you out!

The Dinner

Most dates start with dinner. After you pick up your date, dressed in your best outfit and more nervous that you expected, you will want to bring them to a restaurant that stands out in Las Vegas. Something that will “wow” them and would be a popular choice no matter where it was located.

If you are still looking for this restaurant, look no further! Chef Marc’s Trattoria is the perfect choice for your fancy and fabulous date night. Our authentic and traditional Italian taste sets us apart from the competition and allows us to remain popular in Las Vegas.

Our menus are full of delicious options that will satisfy both you and your date. Choose from pasta, steak, or delicious and savory seafood entrees. The options are endless and all delicious at Chef Marc’s Trattoria. We are Las Vegas’ Top Rated Local Italian cuisine, making us the right choice!

The Show

Don’t take your date to a movie, that is not the show we are talking about. We are talking about the shows that Vegas is famous for — Cirque Du Soleil®. These are some of the most spectacular shows on Earth, full of amazing stunts, intriguing stories, and breathtaking moments.

If you want your date to go well, take them to one of these amazing shows, trust us, you will enjoy it just as much as them! Be sure to get tickets beforehand, you wouldn’t want to surprise your date, and not actually have tickets.

The Fountains

Obviously, a must in Las Vegas is to end the night watching the Fountains of Bellagio. These are beautiful and fun to watch no matter who you are or what you are in Vegas for. This may be the perfect chance to hold your date’s hand or ask for a kiss!

Remember, start your romantic date night at Chef Marc’s Trattoria. The meal will be so delicious that the rest of the date won’t even matter! And don’t forget to order one of our delicious and authentic desserts. See our menu now and be sure to make your reservation today and start preparing for your special date!